Based out of Los Angeles California, the Shadow Chameleon is a three-piece band featuring lead vocals by guitarist Chris Marz and bassist Christian Trasvina. Drawing influence from a wide variety of bands like Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, and Les Savy Fav, the Shadow Chameleon create a post-punk revival sound comparable to bands like the Killers and Arcade Fire.

The Shadow Chameleon self-released their debut Gemini in May of 2014. Despite a hiatus lasting until early 2016 due to family tragedy, the band is currently playing shows and working on material for their next album.

Beginning in 2010 while working as a solo artist, Chris Marz changed his stage name due to being constantly confused with musician / artist Chris Mars. Choosing to name his project the Shadow Chameleon, the title of a track on an unreleased solo album, Chris put together a band that could perform his music live. He brought on Christian Trasvina, his childhood friend, to play additional guitar and sing backup vocals, but it soon became clear that Christian had a talent for songwriting. They then began collaborating on what was to eventually become Gemini. Bringing on drummer Wes Ringel, the trio began playing shows around Los Angeles until their Hiatus in 2015.

Highlights include working with grammy-winning engineer Dusk Bennett and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame featured photographer Gregg Cobarr.